Graduate Architecture

Grace Soejanto, Yitian Zheng

The Quick and The Dead, Simon Kim

Spring 2018

Derived from questioning the world of The Quick and The Dead, two distinct characters emerge. One chooses to expose its conic shape to the outside world while another hiding its conic among the cubes. There is this fascination toward conic that represent a space of solemnity in commemorating death, like those pyramids of our ancient time. Starting from the memorial space on the North-East region, the “Snake” emerges as a promenade as the path traveled between the region of The Quick and The Dead. These regions are called “Mountain.” They emerge from the ground like those of mountains, among them: The Quick is clothed with light, utilizing translucent finish to allow light to filter into the space; on the contrary, the Dead is dark and solid, finished with concrete that has been mixed with dead human ashes. The “Snake,” inspired by Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time, is clothed with corten steel finish. The contrasting color of corten steel against the monotone of others separate its entity.

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