Graduate Architecture

Julianna Cano

Cine-Laubengang: Urban Housing in Brooklyn, Jonas Coersmeier

Fall 2018

The growth of the film industry in New York City has created a sudden demand for short term housing to accommodate production crews while working on set for short, fixed amounts of time. This project addresses this new demand through its dichotomous program, offering both permanent and temporary housing options for its residents. The concept of temporality versus permanence was first studied through a series of material studies to better understand how two entities might engage or repel each other. This research manifested into the creation of a central courtyard that penetrates the entire tower, creating a framework for these two conditions to merge. The courtyard provides elevated public platforms that extend along the housing units where residents can congregate, while allowing light to pierce the interior of the building. The project creates a microclimate for engagement and collaboration among the various housing typologies and post-production spaces, creating a sense of a lasting community while situated in an environment of constant flux.