Graduate Architecture

Julianna Haahs, Pingle Li, Yisha Li

The Blossom, Marion Weiss

Spring 2018

This project explores new possibilities of high performance architecture by combining infrastructure, culture, and architecture.

Naples, Florida as a site presents unique environmental and cultural challenges, including storms, hot sun, and isolation in private neighborhoods. To tackle these problems, we drew inspiration from past precedents of high performance architecture such as the Sydney Opera House, Khaju Bridge, and Carpenter Center, and came up with three site specific solutions: berming (earthwork) to form fortification against flooding, giant roofs to protect against blazing sun and heavy rain, and shared public spaces of different scales including courtyard, podiums, and roof top amphitheaters to introduce a sense of community.

The project consists of four pedals housing three theaters and one museum, one central courtyard/ lobby to connect all four major programs, giant staircases cutting through the site along two main axes to provide connection to surrounding neighborhoods, and semi open-air rooftop terraces to honor the tradition of sunset watching. The pedal roofs and wide podiums form an iconic silhouette that compliments this exciting new cultural and recreational destination in Naples.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VII.