Graduate Architecture

Maria Fuentes

Queer Textiles, Maya Alam

Spring 2019

This market begins to blur part to whole relationships that intertwine the realities we assume and create in the Manayunk neighborhood. Visitors to this Market are free to contribute, re-exchange, recreate and reintegrate used fabrics. It allows for a pseudo-shopping experience between a conflux of flea market and repurposed cotton that puts on display what most fashion ateliers, fast-fashion corporations, and department warehouses will hide in the basement. Vats of dye are on display, showcasing the waste of both water and color returning to where it can be repurposed to create more than what we toss into the trash. Up ahead is a piece of land where we are embracing trash, and capturing the beauty of ugly fruits, irregular modules, and discarded goods as a community building experience.  Here, one can embrace a queerness that moves towards a binary fusion of non-normality that weaves into the gentrification of the growing town.