Graduate Architecture

Shih-Kai Lin

Hybrid + Density, Jonas Coersmeier

Fall 2017

Envisioning a future imagination for both Dumbo, Brooklyn, and housing environment in New York City, the project is proposing a compact and hybrid density for the area and exploring the relationship between low-income and luxurious housing typology in a megacity. On the global scale, it creates an elevated ground that could be extended and linked the open and green spaces between the riverside and downtown Brooklyn, which is disconnected by bridges and highways. And with its high-rise residential tower, housing block in the air, and elevated ground on top of the podium, the hyperdensity of the spatial volume it proposes is an imagination for the future of the urban area, which densifies the urban fabric to create prosperity and sustainability of the city. On the local scale, through analyzing the social-economical condition of its context, the project addresses the environment of tech companies in the area through its hybrid functions of residential and working spaces. The fluidity of this project within both the spatial organization and formal expression provides a new possibility of the relationship between public and private, living and working.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VII.