Graduate Architecture

Wenqi Huang and Mostafa Akbari

Fusang, Simon Kim

Fall 2018

The mechanism is to simulate the transition from the artificial process to the natural self-growing system. The essence about the evolution is to annihilate and regenerate. The architecture starts from the half-machine core, applying similar method like hydroponics, which is to incessantly collect nutrition from the nearby soil, lake and air, then classify and transmit those materials to the different parts of roots and branches. Since the substances in the surrounding environment have been changed, the atmosphere would be altered as well.

After hundreds of years and consistently growing, the roots and branches twine with the building and become an entity at the end of the day. The tree is already part of the shell and we can’t tell the clear boundary between the life and dead nor can’t tell whether the root is transformed from plant to petrified wood and finally integrate with the rock, or the rock have also been changed and have life elements within it.

Same thing in terms of the different materiality and transformation process. Where do roots stop and the human biome begin to grow? What if the human /Plants can sense from the surroundings with totally different organs? The roots can evolve into humidity attractor or solar panels, the new life can also be born from the transformation between organic and non-organic.