PhD in Architecture

Architecture as a Performing Art

Marcia F. Feuerstein, and Gray Read
Farnham: Ashgate, 2013

How do buildings act with people and among people in the performances of life? This collection of essays reveals a deep alliance between architecture and the performing arts, uncovering its roots in ancient stories, and tracing a continuous tradition of thought that emerges in contemporary practice. With fresh insight, the authors ask how buildings perform with people as partners. They focus on actions: the door that offers a dramatic entrance, the window that frames a scene, and the city street that is transformed in carnival. The essays consider the design process as a performance improvised among many players and offer examples of recent practice that integrates theater and dance.

PhD Dissertation title: [Marcia F. Feuerstein]: Oskar Schlemmer's Vordruck: Making of an Architectural Body for the Bauhaus  
Completed: 1998 
Supervisor: David Leatherbarrow 

PhD Dissertation title: [Alice Gray Read]: Taking Measure of a Site: An inquiry into Dimension 
Completed: 1998 
Supervisor: Marco Frascari

Other Books by Gray Read

  • Modern Architecture in Theater: The Experiments of Art et Action. Palgrave Press, Pivot Series, 2014.
  • The Miniature and the Gigantic in Philadelphia Architecture: Essays on Designing the City to Human Scale. Edwin Mellen Press, 2007.