Awards 2022


The Susan Cromwell Coslett Traveling Fellowship

Established in memory of former Assistant Dean Susan Coslett, and awarded to a student with an interest in traveling to fine gardens, a passion of Coslett’s.

Awarded to: Maxime Cavajani

Sellers Endowed Fellowship

Established by Bonnie (CW'73) and Gary Sellers to allow students to pursue unfunded or under-funded summer internships or jobs in the design fields.

Awarded to: TBA



The following awards were made during the Department of Architecture’s annual competition week held at the beginning of the Spring 2022 Semester:


AAD Prize in Design Excellence

This prize is awarded annually to a student in the Master of Science in Design: Advanced Architectural Design concentration degree program whose work is judged by the design faculty to be excellent, in consideration of the GPA and design portfolio.

Awarded to: Xiaotong Ni

Aedas Fellowship

Awarded to up to two rising second- or third-year graduate students to support the University's policy of promoting student body diversity. Consideration is given to students who enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the School, and who have prior work experience or attended an undergraduate institution in China.

Awarded to: Riya Nayar and Jun Yan

Albert F. Schenck-Henry Gillette Woodman Scholarship

Awarded to students in the first year of the professional degree program on the basis of a competition.

Awarded to: (First Place) Francisco Anaya, Telmen Bayasgalan, Chongyan Chen, Shengnan Gao, Jinyi Huang, Danny Jarabek, Bohan Lang, Maxwell Lent, Zihan Li, Yuanyuan Lin, Ross Mackenzie, Ravina Puri, Shiyi Qi, Rachel Seto, Tobie Soumekh, Khang Truong, Valerie Tse, Kelvin Vu, Owen Wang, Qin Wen, and Yanjie Zhang; (Honorable Mentions) Siyu Gao, Grace Infante, Liujie Lu, Hedi Mao, Diego Martin, Weijun Peng, Zhixuan Song, Sophie Wojtalewicz, Jessica Wong, Jun Yue, Boyu Xiao, Shenyi Zhang, Xiayu Zhao, and Rongxuan Zhou

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Awarded to a graduating architecture student for leadership, willing service, and promise of professional merit.

Awarded to: Bingyu Guo

American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal

The first prize medal is awarded to the top-ranking student in the professional degree program with the highest record in all courses.

Awarded to: Julianne Petrillo

Arthur Spayd Brooke Memorial Prize

Established in 1900 in memory of Arthur Spayd Brooke, a graduate of the School of Architecture, and awarded to graduating architecture students for distinguished work in architectural design.

Awarded to: (First Prize) Maria Sophia Garcia Perez; (Second Prize) Nicholas Houser

The Atkin Fellowship

The Fellowship supports  graduate students in Architecture or Landscape Architecture enrolled in their last year of studies and is awarded based on the ideas in Professor Vittorio Gregotti's article “On Modification” in his book, Inside Architecture. Made possible by the estate of adjunct professor Tony Atkin.

Awarded to: Emily Ying Shaw and Harsana Siva

Charles Merrick Gay Scholarship

Awarded to the student who has shown outstanding ability in architectural construction and a realization of its relationship to design.

Awarded to: Quoc-Kha Kelvin Vu

The Donald Prowler Memorial Prize

Awarded in memory of Donald Prowler, a member of the faculty in the Department of Architecture for many years, the prize is for a student with an outstanding record in required environmental courses and a desire to further sustainable architecture.

Awarded to: Zhen Lei

E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowships

Established under the will of E. Lewis Dales for travel abroad during the summer prior to a student’s final year as a candidate for the professional degree in architecture.

Awarded to: Jorge Couso, Joseph Depre, David Eugene, Yasmin Lisa Isobelle Goulding, Sok In Ho, Sarah Johnson, Yuexin Ma, Zihua Mo, Riya Nayar, Monte Lincoln Reed, Jamaica Reese-Julien, Harsana Siva, Kyle Reese Troyer, Jun Yan, and Yiran Zhao

Faculty Prize

Awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional growth and development.

Awarded to: Ana Celdran, Jianan Dai, and Elisabeth Machielse

Frank Miles Day Memorial Prize

Named for Towne School graduate and the architect of Penn’s Houston Hall, University Museum, Weightman Hall, and Franklin Field. Awarded to the architecture student submitting the best essay in courses in the history and theory of architecture.

Awarded to: Quoc-Kha and Kelvin Vu

Harlan Coornvelt Memorial Medal

Established in memory of Harlan Coornvelt, who served as an associate professor of architecture at the School of Design from 1968 until his death in 1973. Awarded to the student who achieved an outstanding record in required architectural structure courses.

Awarded to: Muqiao Lei

Harry E. Parker Prize

Awarded to the student who has an outstanding record in architectural construction.

Awarded to: Emma McMonigal

James Smyth Warner Memorial Prize

Established by Professor George Walter Dawson for a second-year student in architecture with the highest record in required studio courses. The award is to be used for a trip to see and study American architecture.

Awarded to: Riya Nayar

The Kanter Tritsch Prize in Energy and Architectural Innovation

Awarded to a second-year student pursuing a Master of Architecture degree who demonstrates transformational thinking on the built environment and innovation in his or her approach to energy, ecology, and/or social equity.

Awarded to: Beikel José Rivas (2021)

Mario J. Romanach Fellowship

Established in memory of one of Penn’s most beloved teachers, the fellowship is awarded to a student entering the final year in the professional degree program, for demonstrated excellence in design, a love for architecture, and the determination to develop as an architect.

Awarded to: Kyle Troyer

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Alen Traveling Fellowship
Awarded to one landscape architecture student and one architecture student in the second year of their programs for summer travel to Europe.

Awarded to: Monte Reed

MSD-RAS Prize for Design & Robotic Fabrication

Awarded to the most outstanding final semester projects by students in the Master of Science in Design: Robotics and Autonomous Systems concentration degree program, for innovative research in design and robotic fabrication.

Awarded to: Xiangguo Cui, Siyu Dong, Jingjing Yan, and Shunyi Yang

The Muscoe Martin Green Building Fellowship

Awarded to a student in the Master of Science in Design: Environmental Building Design concentration program, the winner will continue the work Martin Muscoe began at Penn and in Philadelphia. The Fellowship will provide a student with funding for the final semester of study in the program and the opportunity to pursue research and projects at Green Building United.

Awarded to: Tian Tian

Paul Philippe Cret Medal

Founded by the Architectural Alumni Society, awarded to the graduating student who has consistently demonstrated excellence in design in the Master of Architecture professional degree program.

Awarded to: Miguel Matos

Samuel K. Schneidman Fellowship

Established in memory of Samuel K. Schneidman and awarded to second- or third-year students in the professional degree program on the basis of demonstrated excellence.

Awarded to: Emma McMonigal

T-Square Club Fellowship

Awarded annually for excellence in design to a student who has just completed the first year. Among the patrons and members of the T-Square Atelier were Penn professors Paul Philippe Cret, Walter P. Laird, John Harbeson, Jean Hebrand, and Norman Rice.

Awarded to: Marjorie Wong

Walter R. Leach II Fellowship

Established in memory of Walter R. Leach II (MArch’67) this fellowship is awarded on the basis of academic merit to students in their second or third year of study.

Awarded to: Hyung Jun Lee, Nana Ntiriwaa-Berkoh, Jamaica Reese-Julien, Emily Ying Shaw, and Yiran Zhao

Warren Powers Laird Award

Named for Warren Powers Laird (1861–1948), the first dean of the School of Fine Arts (now Weitzman School). Awarded to students with the highest standing in all courses in the first year of the professional degree program in architecture.

Awarded to: Mitchell Dean Coziahr, Daniel Thomas Jarabek, Dongni Li, Valerie Tse, Hei Wai, Ruifeng Wang, Sharlene Yulita, and Yicheng Zhang

Will M. Mehlhorn Scholarship

Established through a bequest by Will M. Mehlhorn (BFA’30) former architectural editor of House and Garden. Awarded to the students who have done the best work in the theory sequence.

Awarded to: Andy Hu, Rami Kanafani, M.C. Overholt, Carrick Reider, Cheyenne Yamada, and Luqi Zhao

City and Regional Planning

AICP Outstanding Student Award

Awarded in recognition of outstanding attainment in the study of planning.

Awarded to: Trae Jordan and Sarah Massey

Ann Louise Strong Leadership Award

Named for the former chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning and associate dean. Awarded for demonstrated leadership among his/her peers.

Awarded to: Hannah Bonestroo

Brian C. West Award

Brian, an architect, who received his Master of City Planning and a Certificate in Real Estate in 2001, was an exceptional student and proud graduate of Penn. In his memory, this award recognizes a second-year student who embodies the talent and interests—urban design, planning, and real estate development—that Brian had during his lifetime.

Awarded to: Maria Machin

Bruce J. Hansen Award

Given every year to the student whom their classmates think is the “Best Person to Have on Your Team.” The criteria include work ethic, leadership, humor, professionalism, and commitment to quality.

Awarded to: Julia Verbrugge

C. Britton Harris Award

Named for the Penn faculty member and transportation planning and regional science pioneer. Awarded for excellent work in transportation planning.

Awarded to: Weslene Uy

David A. Wallace Award

Named for a founding partner of the groundbreaking urban design firm Wallace McHarg Roberts & Todd who was a professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning for eighteen years. Awarded for the highest academic performance in the second-year class.

Awarded to: Sarah Massey

David Crane Award

An influential mentor to many of his Penn colleagues and students, David Crane was affiliated with the City and Regional Planning Department from 1957–1972. Awarded for excellent work in urban design.

Awarded to: Linda Ge

Department of City and Regional Planning Special Award for Excellence in Student Publications

Awarded to: Celine Apollon, Clara Lyle, Marc Schultz, and Cade Underwood

The Gaia Award

Awarded for excellent work in environmental planning.

Awarded to: Jonah Garnick

Paul Davidoff Award

Named for former Professor of City Planning Paul Davidoff. Awarded for excellent work in housing, community, and economic development.

Awarded to: Isabel Harner and Emilio Martinez

The Smart Cities Award

Awarded for excellent work in the Smart Cities Concentration.

Awarded to: Asha Bazil

The Witte-Sakamoto Family Prize in City and Regional Planning

Recognizes an outstanding planning student entering the final year in the Master of City Planning program for innovation and impact in planning.

Awarded to: Xuezhu (Gillian) Zhao (2021)

Fine Arts

The Charles Addams Memorial Prize

Awarded to a graduating MFA student who shows promise of outstanding talent and achievement as an artist. It memorializes the work, spirit, and interests of Charles Addams (FA’34, Hon’80), who made a giant contribution to the world of art.

Awarded to: Emilio Martinez

Christopher Leland Lyon Memorial Fund Award

Chris (MFA’99) was a prolific artist and dedicated painter. In memory of the spirited life he led, his friends and family have joined together to create this award in his honor for second-year students in the program.

Awarded to: Jennifer Green

Fine Arts Faculty Discretionary Award 

Awarded to one first-year MFA student who has shown distinctive achievement in creative art.

Awarded to: Mae Eskenazi

Halpern-Rogath Travel Award 

The award provides fine arts students with funding to allow them to travel nationally and internationally to exhibitions, museums, and art centers.

Awarded to: Julia Gladstone, Guava Rhee, Chenxi Shao, Lexi Welch, and Susannah Yugler

The Lawrence Shprintz MFA Award

Established by a gift from Lawrence Shprintz (ChE’50), this award is presented to one graduating and one first-year MFA student for outstanding performance in any medium.

Awarded to: (First Year) Hainuo Shi; (Second Year) He-Myong Woo

The Stuart Egnal Scholarship Award

Donated in honor of Stuart Egnal and awarded to a first-year MFA student for outstanding performance in any medium.

Awarded to: Lexi Welch

Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship

Awarded to graduating MFA students nominated by the faculty who shows exceptional promise as a visual artist in painting, sculpture, film, video, mixed media, or performance art. 

Awarded to: Julia Gladstone and Will Owen

Historic Preservation

Albert Binder Travel Fellowship Fund

The Fund is used to support attendance at academic conferences, professional meetings, or special research projects. Each year students benefit from the generosity of the anonymous donors giving to this award.

Awarded to: Elizabeth Donison and Haoyi Shang

The Anthony Nicholas Brady Garvan Award for an Outstanding Thesis

Named in honor of Anthony Nicholas Brady Garvan, a great historian and professor in Penn’s Department of American Civilization who helped create the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, and awarded to the most outstanding completed thesis projects.

Awarded to: Anne Cathleen Greening, Hillary Morales Robles, and Aislinn Eyre Pentecost-Farren

The Charles E. Peterson Award

Charles E. Peterson was an architect, scholar of historic building technology, creator of the Historic American Building Survey and long-time Philadelphia resident. The Peterson Award is given in his memory by The Carpenters’ Company of the City and County of Philadelphia to outstanding students who have distinguished themselves by specialized study of historic building technology.

Awarded to: José Carlos Hernández Cruz and Drew Alan McMillian

Dawn and Brian Gonick Architectural Conservation Professional Development Fund

Made possible through the generosity of Brian Gonick (W’86) and Dawn M. Gonick (MSHP’94), the Fund enables students studying architectural conservation to travel to conferences, symposia and other professional events.

Awarded to: Alison Caroline Cavicchio, Priyanka Gorasia, José Carlos Hernández Cruz, Anyuan Ji, Drew Alan McMillian, Cameron Moon, and Cyrus Yerxa

The Elizabeth Greene Wiley Award for Outstanding Promise

Established in memory of Elizabeth Greene Wiley, Smith graduate, Penn preservation student and founding partner of ACP Enterprises, a business whose underlying theme was the celebration of architectural history. The Fellowship is awarded to students whose primary interest is historic preservation in an urban setting.
Awarded to: Alison Caroline Cavicchio, Hillary Morales Robles, Aislinn Eyre Pentecost-Farren, and Agatha Basia Sloboda

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Recognizes the graduating student who has most consistently performed at the highest levels of academic achievement as reflected by the faculty’s recognition of excellence in the student’s completed work.

Awarded to: Alison Caroline Cavicchio, Caitlin Siobhan Livesey, and Yifei Yang

Landscape Architecture

American Society of Landscape Architects Awards

Awarded to graduating landscape architecture students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for contribution to the profession.

Awarded to: (Certificate of Honor) Rohan Maclaren Lewis, Dingwen Wu, and Youzi Olivia Xu; (Certificate of Merit) Daniel Flinchbaugh, Samuel Ridge, and Mrinalini Verma

Eleanore T. Widenmeyer Prize in Landscape and Urbanism

Awarded to a graduating student who has achieved a high level of design synthesis between landscape and urbanism.

Awarded to: Wenqi Yang

Faculty Acknowledgement Award for Design Progress (First Year Student)

Awarded to a first-year student in the three-year Master of Landscape Architecture program who has demonstrably advanced the furthest in their design capability across the course of their first year of study.

Awarded to: Lucy Salwen and Caroline Schoeller

Faculty Acknowledgement Award for Design Progress

Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrably advanced the furthest in their design capability across the course of their years of study.

Awarded to: Larissa Whitney

Faculty Acknowledgement Award for Experimentation and Innovation

Awarded to a graduating student who has applied a particularly high level of innovation and experimentation in their design projects.

Awarded to: Daniel Flinchbaugh

Faculty Acknowledgement Award for Service

Awarded to a single student or small group of students who have made an exceptional extracurricular contribution to the program.

Awarded to: Emily Bunker, Cin Yee Selina Cheah, Kathryn Dunn, Allison Nkwocha, and Ari Vamos

Faculty Medal in Landscape Architecture

Awarded to graduating students with a high academic record in landscape architecture and outstanding leadership in contribution to the School.

Awarded to: Alice Bell and Cin Yee Selina Cheah

George Madden Boughton Prize

Awarded to a graduating student in landscape architecture for excellent design with environmental and social consciousness, and evidence of potential for future effective action in the field of landscape architecture.

Awarded to: Mrinalini Verma

The Ian L. McHarg Prize

Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in design which best exemplifies ecological ideals in contemporary and culturally pertinent ways. This prize is awarded in memory of Ian L. McHarg, 1920–2001, distinguished professor of landscape architecture, pioneer of ecological design and planning, and one of the most influential landscape architects of the twentieth century.

Awarded to: Youzi Olivia Xu

The John Dixon Hunt Prize in History, Theory and Criticism

Awarded to a graduating student who has shown particular distinction in the theoretical and critical understanding of landscape architecture.

Awarded to: Rohan Maclaren Lewis

The Laurie D. Olin Prize in Landscape Architecture

Awarded to a graduating student who has achieved a high academic record and demonstrated design excellence in the making of urban places. Laurie D. Olin is one of the world’s foremost leaders in contemporary landscape architecture and founder of the internationally acclaimed OLIN studio in Philadelphia. The studio designs some of the world’s most significant urban public spaces. The prize was established by the OLIN studio in honor of Practice Professor Emeritus Olin who has served on Penn’s faculty of landscape architecture since 1974.

Awarded to: Samuel Ridge

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Alen Traveling Fellowship

Awarded to one landscape architecture student and one architecture student in the second year of their programs for summer travel to Europe.

Awarded to: Olivia Loughrey

Narendra Juneja Medal

Awarded in memory of Associate Professor Narendra Juneja, who served the department with distinction from 1965 until his death in 1981, to a graduating student who has demonstrated deeply that they care for the ideas and ideals of the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Awarded to: Emily Bunker

OLIN Work Fellowship

A prize and fellowship is awarded to an outstanding student entering their final year of study.

Awarded to: Arisa Lohmeier

The Robert M. Hanna Prize in Design

Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated great care for the craft, making and construction of landscape architecture. Established by the OLIN studio in memory of Robert M. Hanna (1935–2003).

Awarded to: Ruiying Zhao

Wallace Roberts and Todd Fellowship

Awarded to an outstanding student who has finished the second year of the three-year program.

Awarded to: Allison Nkwocha

Urban Spatial Analytics

The Descartes Award

Awarded for excellent work in the Master of Urban Spatial Analytics (MUSA) program.

Awarded to: Zhenzhao Xu

Faculty Awards

G. Holmes Perkins Distinguished Teaching Awards

The teaching awards are named in honor of the late G. Holmes Perkins, dean of the Graduate School of Fine Arts (now the Weitzman School) from 1951–71, and are given in recognition of distinguished teaching and innovation in the methods of instruction in the classroom, seminar, or studio.

Distinguished Teaching in the Undergraduate Programs

Awarded to: Elizabeth Lovett, lecturer in undergraduate architecture

Distinguished Teaching by a Member of the Non-Standing Faculty

Awarded to: Richard Farley, adjunct professor of architecture

Distinguished Teaching by a Member of the Standing Faculty

Awarded to: Akira Drake Rodriguez, assistant professor of city and regional planning