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Posted August 16, 2021

Making the Most of One-way Video Interviews

In my most recent Carpe Careers essay, I talked about the possible rise of the video resume as the go-to application medium used in some types of internship or job applications. The video resume provides an opportunity to bring your experiences and skills to life and to add a touch of your own personality to the mix. This week, I will focus on the continued rise and growth of the video interview as part of the application process. I am not talking about our new normal of having real-time interviews by video conference with real people. Rather, I mean the one-way video job interview that is often held over platforms like Spark Hire and HireVue. In such interviews, candidates are sent a link to a platform where they will have to record answers to standardized questions without any human interaction at all. Employers then have access to those recordings and can share them with anyone involved in the hiring process. Click here for full article.