Center for Environmental Building & Design

Barry Silverman

Faculty Collaborator

Barry Silverman is a Professor of Systems Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania. His research has largely been on socio-cognitive agent models that can help humans improve their learning, performance, and systems thinking in simulated worlds. These worlds are designed to improve users’ ability to cope with complexity, non-linearities, and emergence of unanticipated effects in the real world. This research has received over $40 million in grants and has lead to the creation of many state-of-the-art software tools and environments. As a result, Barry is the author of over 140 articles, 1 board game, and 6 fielded game worlds for training and analysis (Athena, Black Hawk Down, GeriCase, HeartSense, NonKin Village, and StateSim). He is a Fellow of IEEE and AAAS and recipient of several research and teaching excellence awards, including a 1st place for AI/Pattern of Life in the 2011 Federal Virtual World Competition.

Visit Barry's Penn Engineering faculty page here.