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Ladybug Tools

Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari

With support from Autodesk, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari and the collaborative development team of Ladybug Tools has continued to develop their groundbreaking tools for performance design workflow.

Ladybug Tools is a collection of open source applications and integrated workflows that support the analysis and improvement of the built environment's performance. Of all the available environmental design software packages, Ladybug Tools is among the most comprehensive, connecting commonly-used 3D modeling CAD interfaces to several validated simulation engines.


Ladybug Tools is built on top of several validated simulation engines: Radiance, EnergyPlus/ OpenStudio, Therm/ Window and OpenFOAM.

Open Source

Ladybug Tools is the only open source interface that unites all of its underlying open source engines. Like these engines, it evolves through the consensus of an open community of experts.


Ladybug Tools is supported by a passionate and diverse community from around the world. Visit our online forum to see the discussions that shape our future development.

100k+ Downloads

Ladybug Tools has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and is the 3rd most popular plugin for Grasshopper. It's also the winner of the DynaAwards for best Dynamo analysis package.


Ladybug Tools runs within 3D modeling software and allows data transfer between its simulation engines. So all geometry creation, simulation, and visualization happen within one interface.


Ladybug Tools is composed of modular components, making it flexible across different stages of design and capable of answering a variety of research questions.


Ladybug Tools runs within parametric visual scripting interfaces, enabling the exploration of design spaces and the automation of tasks.


By harnessing capabilities of CAD interfaces, Ladybug Tools produces a variety of interactive 3D graphics, animations, and data visualizations.


Ladybug Tools is written in Python, which can be run on virtually any operating system and plugged into any geometry engine (provided the geometry library is translated).