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  • Farmland in Lancaster County

An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Pennsylvania's Farmland Preservation Program

Professor of City and Regional Planning Tom Daniels is conducting the first analysis of the economic impact of Pennsylvania’s farmland preservation program. Pennsylvania leads the nation in acres of preserved farmland, with more than 550,000 acres and more than 5,300 farms preserved. The program supports the state’s agricultural industry, which is worth an estimated $135 billion in annual economic activity. Since 1989, the costs of the program have been calculated, as the state government and 58 counties have invested $1.5 billion in purchasing conservation easements from willing landowners. The benefits, however, have not yet been adequately explored. Professor Daniels’ research will analyze the overall impact of the farmland preservation program on the agricultural economy, the state economy, and the economies of individual counties.




Tom Daniels, Crossways Professor