City and Regional Planning

Panorama 2018

Welcome to the 26th edition of Panorama, PennDesign’s City and Regional Planning student journal. As a student-run publication, we strive to represent the very best work of the School of Design. This year is no exception. The work included in the 2018 edition of Panorama explore international and domestic planning

issues – planning for people, physical and environmental health, innovation in infrastructure, climate change, informal settlements, and planning’s mental health responsibility, amongst others. These exceedingly challenging issues, investigated within this journal, represent the future of planning.

In addition, this journal represents several City Planning studios. This year the studios ranged from a study of gentrification across the United States to a plan for Philadelphia in 2060 to master plans for a wetland outside Bogota to a national transportation investment strategy. These studios, representative of domestic and international planning challenges, highlight students’ hunger to tackle such issues. We include a study, performed by several City Planning students, using eye-trackers to understand cycling habits on the protected bike lane on Chestnut Street in University City. While the topics in this year’s Panorama may be broad, they epitomize the future of planning, and we are excited to share our work with you.

It is our pleasure to share the 2018 Panorama journal with you.


The Panorama Authors


Panorama Editorial Team:  Sarah Halle, Robert Romo, Annie Streetman, Jessica Klion, Danielle Lake, Alexandra Zazula