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Please refer to the Weitzman School Academic Calendar for specific registration deadlines.

Below are elective course descriptions for your reference. 


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  • Advance Registration
  • Summer and Fall 2020: April 14 - April 24 
  • Spring 2021: November 2 - November 15

Please refer to the Weitzman School Academic Calendar for specific advance registration and registration - drop/request dates. All registration transactions are done online through Penn InTouch.

Any problems or questions pertaining to the registration process can be directed to: 

Univerisity of Pennsylvania, Stuart Weitzman School of Design
Office of Student Services
In Person: 110 Meyerson Hall - Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm
By Phone: 215-898-6224
By E-Mail:

Advance Registration is a two week period in which students enter requests for the courses you would like to enroll. Students enter their course preferences in priority order anytime during the advanced registration period. This is not a first come first served process, so there is no advantage to registering early and no guarantee that students will be enrolled in all their requested courses.

At the end of advance registration period, the system will then schedule all students requests based on availability. Depending on course demand, the system may not be able to enroll you in all the courses you requested. Approximately two weeks after the advanced registration period closes schedules are posted in Penn InTouch.  If a student does not receive a full schedule, or if they wish to change their course selections, they may begin revising their schedule when the Registration - Drop/Request begins.

All continuing Design students are required to request courses during the advance registration period. 

Advance Registration Tips:

  1. Since advance registration is a priority registration system, not first come first served, give courses that you know you are competing for a seat in (i.e. elective courses) your highest priority.
  2. Multi-Activity courses: Make sure you submit registration requests for all co-requisites of multi-activity courses [i.e. lecture (LEC) and recitation (REC)]. Give the credit bearing section a higher priority than the non-credit bearing section.
  3. Courses that require a permit - give low priority (if you have secured a permit!). If you get a permit you are guaranteed a seat. There is no need to waste a higher priority spot for a class you are guaranteed to get into.Remember: You still need to submit a registration request for courses you have secured a permit in.

Registration - Drop/Request  begins about three weeks after the close of the advanced registration period and runs through the second week of the term you are registering for. Refer to the Weitzman School Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Registration requests submitted thru Penn InTouch during the registration - add/drop period are real time transactions. This means all requests are filled on a first come first-served basis.

Course Information  -  Course Search and Schedule Planning:  You can search for courses using the course search and schedule planning tool. This tool allows students to search for courses by criteria such as subject, time of day, and instructor; review course details and descriptions; and then develop/plan potential schedules. Students will still need to register using Penn InTouch.

Course information is also available:

1) On University Registrar's website

2) In Department Offices