Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Anna Neighbor


Anna Neighbor's interest lies in making manifest the often suppressed yet essential concerns surrounding existence in lieu of mortality.  The basic driving forces of making, keeping, and losing are laid bare with simple gestures that often take the form of the trace, utilizing materials and methods such as rubbings, imprints, photographic images, videos, mirrors and simple drawings.  Their function is not to create a new, lived spectacle for the viewer but rather act as shadows or reflections of the viewer, tethered to their brighter and fuller source.

She recently had a two person exhibition at Greenlease Gallery in Kansas City, a solo exhibition at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, and was a 2010 Wind Challenge recipient resulting in a solo exhibition at the Fleisher Memorial in Philadelphia.  She lives in Philadelphia and teaches photography at the University of Pennsylvania and Moore College of Art and Design.