Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Rami George

Rami George


Rami George is an interdisciplinary artist living and working on stolen Lenape land in what is now called Philadelphia. Their work has been presented in exhibitions and screenings internationally, including MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Grand Union, Birmingham; the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; LUX, London; the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; and others. They continue to be influenced and motivated by political struggles and fractured narratives.

  • List Projects 21: Rami George – Detail. 2020

    Lumber, plywood, drywall, video, art paper, black house paint, reproduced family photos, reproduced publication ephemera
    Photography by Peter Harris Studio

  • Untitled (the wars in Lebanon) – Detail. 2020

    Family photos, expired Lebanese and U.S. passports, Time Magazine: Massacre in Lebanon, Witness of War Crimes in Lebanon, found VHS cassettes, Arab Image Foundation postcard
    Photography by Aron Gent

  • Inherited Premises – Detail. 2018

    Video, lumber, plastic sheeting, reproduced family photos, concrete blocks
    Photography by Patrick Dandy

  • Untitled (with my father). 2020

    HD video, color, sound. 20:31 min.

  • Untitled (the wars in Lebanon). 2018

    HD video, color, sound. 10 min.