Scholarships and Prizes

University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design Scholarships

Master's Degree Scholarships

Scholarships for master's students are based on merit and are awarded by the Chair of each Department. Funding for these grants and scholarships come from the various sources listed under Weitzman School Awards and are generally given each year of the student's program, provided that full-time status and good academic standing are maintained. They will generally not increase from year to year despite the fact that tuition will likely increase each year. Please note that if you are enrolled in a dual degree program and discontinue one of the programs, your scholarship may be reduced.

Weitzman Scholars

The Weitzman School of Design awards scholarships ranging from $12,000 to full tuition to Weitzman Scholars – students whose backgrounds and experiences offer varying perspectives on living and learning in a multicultural world. These scholarships are renewable for a student's entire career, provided that students maintain full-time status and good academic standing.

Moelis Scholars

The Moelis Scholars Program provides financial and other support to students in the field of urban planning, particularly those who intend to pursue careers in public/private development or community and economic development. Consideration is given to the applicant's commitment to ensuring a range of perspectives and experiences in the field so as to enhance the excellence of the program and its mission. All students meeting these requirements are eligible for consideration and will be contacted by the program director for an interview if they are a semi finalist. Please contact with any questions.

Dual Degree Students

Dual degree students whose programs are both within the Weitzman School generally receive the same scholarship amount throughout the length of their dual degree program. If the student discontinues one of the programs, their scholarship may be reduced. Students enrolled in external dual degree programs should work with the Weitzman School’s Financial Aid Office to map out the distribution of their scholarships.

Outside Scholarships

We provide a list of outside scholarships on our website that may be available to our graduate students.

In addition, acts as an outside scholarship database. Students will be able to set up their own personalized profile which is used by Fastweb to determine potential eligibility for outside scholarships.

Doctoral Degree Fellowships

The Weitzman School of Design offers a limited number of scholarships to admitted PhD students. These fellowships include full tuition, general fee, clinical fee, health insurance, and a twelve-month stipend. Fellowships are generally given each year for three to four years, provided that full-time status and good academic standing are maintained.

Awards and Prizes

The Weitzman School offers a range of awards and prizes.