Historic Preservation

Posted December 20, 2019

New Philadelphia-focused Podcast by HSPV Alumna Lori Aument

Historic Preservation alumna and self-declared Philadelphia history nerd, Lori Aument, has started a podcast in cooperation with The Athenaeum of Philadelphia and Drexel University's MAD Dragon Community Recording Studios to tell you all about the history of Philadelphia and how that history shaped what the city is today. Found in Philadelphia features well-researched studies alongside interviews with residents from various neighborhoods around the city in order to better understand how the past plays a role in our daily lives.

The first episode delves into the history of the Germantown Protest of 1688, discussing the European roots of the religious communities that settled in Philadelphia, especially a historically radical group of Quakers that called Germantown home and that group’s subsequent pushback against the city’s dependence on the African Slave Trade in the early colony. She then interviews residents of Germantown to hear how members of the local community still carry on the fight against racism today.

Listen to the first episode here or find Found in Philadelphia on your local podcast player.