IT Services

New PennFlex Phone Service Coming Soon

Dear Faculty and Staff,

During FY21 and FY22, PennFlex Phone will gradually replace PennNet Phone as the University’s primary phone service.  Many of you use this service in your department or office.  In coordination with ISC, Weitzman IT will oversee the transition to the new service for users within the Weitzman School of Design.  Over the next few months we will be reaching out to departments and end users to verify current information and plan for a migration date for your phone line and equipment. The new service is cloud based and provides several new possibilities and enhancements to continue supporting the business operations of the University.  ISC has a webpage that details the overview of the service and additional information about some of the new features including: a MobileConnect application that can be used in place of a traditional handset and an eFAX solution to replace traditional fax solutions providing a digital process to sending and receiving faxes in a secure way.   Below is some basic information in regard to the service migration.  If you would like more detailed information please review ISC’s webpage, or send a note if you have any additional questions.     


What will happen with my handset?

Current handsets are to be replaced with new ones, but the functionality will largely remain the same as before. However, Weitzman IT is HIGHLY recommending using the new MobileConnect application as a replacement. The application is available for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.  If you only select to use the MobileConnect application, your old handset will be removed and you can continue taking and delivering business related calls on your desktop/tablet/cell phone through the application.  Common spaces will continue to have handsets.


What if I change my mind and want to get the application/handset?

At this point we highly encourage departments and end users to only use the MobileConnect Application until we return back to campus and into our traditional spaces.  You can continue using just the application but if you find that you still need a handset we will order one for you.


Where do I download the application and how do I install it?

You can either go to the App Store/Play Store (depending on your device) and search Vonage Enterprise and install the application there, or you can go to the Vonage downloads page: The icon for Vonage Enterprise is pictured below.  ISC has additional instructions for installation and setup.


Will I be able to send outgoing calls through the application? Will my personal cell number be protected?

Yes, any outgoing calls through the application will display your work number on the receiver’s device, so you won’t need to give out your personal number for business use.


I’m interested in a fax solution. What are my options?

If you are interested in using a fax solution, we will request an eFAX account for you.  More detailed information on eFAX can be found here.