IT Services

Mandatory Two-Step for O365

The University employees a mandatory Two-Step Verification service for Office 365 accounts to provide enhanced security for email and guard against phishing attacks.  Two-Step authentication is required to access your PennO365 mailbox, regardless of platform or device.

Two-Step Verification for PennO365 uses the same process as Two-Step Verification for PennKey access to various websites and services:

  1. Provide the correct username and password
  2. Receive a Two-Step Verification prompt; either a push notifications or generate codes from an App such as DUO, or request a text or voice code to enter and verify your identity
  3. If you selecting "Remember me for 30 days" before approving the Two-Step Verification prompt, you will not be prompted to complete Two-Step Verification on this specific device for the next 30 days

Two-Step Clients & Support

Weitzman ITS can only troubleshoot problems with supported versions of Outlook for desktop (Windows and macOS), mobile (iOS and Android), and web (

While “Modern Authentication” using Two-Step for PennO365 may work with the latest versions of Apple Mail, the native iOS mail app, and some Android clients, users of non-Microsoft email and calendaring clients are more likely to experience configuration and support issues.

If you're running into issues successfully authorizing Two-Step for your O365 account and/or Penn Email account, please contact us via, or our online contact form. If you're looking for more notes and FAQ tips on Two-Step and O365, you can find more detailed information here on the Penn IT page.

Sending Penn Email from Gmail, etc.

While not officially supported by the University, some individuals may have configured personal Gmail accounts to send email as their address in the past. The Gmail send-as process relied on an older, less-secure method of authentication and does not support Modern Authentication. Therefore, sending Penn email through Gmail is no longer possible. 

To send email as your address, log in through the Webmail Portal or install and configure Outlook 365 for Windows/macOS (available from the webmail portal) or Android / iOS.