IT Services

Miro Collaboration Software

Miro is a digital “whiteboard”, essentially a blank canvas for sketching ideas and for collaboration. It also has a number of templates for various charts, maps, and other visuals. They have a webapp as well as desktop and mobile apps for use.

Getting Access

Students, please visit to learn more and apply for a free Education license. This allows you to build a team with up to 10 seats, and is available for 2-year usage with the ability to re-apply if needed.


For Faculty, ITS now has an Education Team license with 99 seats available currently. For more information or to request a license, please write to and we will be happy to assist.

If you don't need all of the functionality of Miro, or would like an alternative that's part of PennO365 rather than creating a new Miro login, please visit to learn more about Microsoft Whiteboard. Students and Faculty with a PennO365 email account should already have access to this resource.