IT Services

Network Access

The University of Pennsylvania, as well as Weitzman School, host a multitude of networks that you can access. Here you'll find instructions on connecting to AirPennNet (the main campus WiFi), as well as the Weitzman School network.

AirPennNet Access

AirPennNet is the University’s WiFi network for members of the Penn community. For more information on the various ways to connect to AirPennNet, click here.

Ethernet Access

Select buildings and spaces at the Weitzman School have built-in ethernet ports that students can use for direct and faster access to both the internet and Weitzman School networked resources.

Students that are assigned a studio space will have at least 1 active ethernet port available near their desk. Working on ethernet is always faster than wireless, and will guarantee you can access network resources and print over the network.

These spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Meyerson Hall studios (second, third, and fourth floor studios)
  • 3401 Walnut studios
  • 36th Market G3 Suite studios
  • 36th Market Suite 210 studios
  • 36th Market Suite 360 studios

While some spaces have ethernet cables already connected or installed, most ethernet ports need a cable connected to get your computer on the network. The Weitzman IT Services Help Desk has free ethernet cables available, stop by to grab one if needed.

Weitzman School Network Access

Juno and Jove File Server

Juno is our student file server at the School of Design, while Jove is our faculty and staff file server.  Here you will be able to access several storage folders for various uses:

  • Home folder:  Each student,staff, or faculty receives 3GB of storage space, which will roam with your Desktop and Documents folders when you are logged in to one of our PC Lab machines.
  • Course folders:  Each course is given a course folder, where professors can store readings and documentation for students to access, students can share and collaborate on files, and assignments can be submitted in these course folders.
  • Public folder:  This directory contains a litany of information, including how to access certain software titles, and various other useful tools.

Accessing Juno or Jove:

  • Via PC:  While on the Design network, you can access Juno or Jove by navigating to \\ (or \\ in your Windows File Explorer.  When prompted, login using the following information:
  • Via Mac:  While on the Design network, you can access Juno by opening the Finder, navigating the Go menu, and selecting Connect To Server (Shortcut: Command + K).  You will then navigate to smb:// (or smb://
  • Via Remote Access

Connecting to Weitzman School Course Folders

  • Connecting from a Windows Machine:
    • Go to Start -> Run
    • Type in \\\Courses
    • Open the folder for the department
    • Search for your course; the format is Department-Course-Section-Title (Instructor)
  • Connecting from a Mac
    • In Finder, from the Go menu, select Connect to Server
    • In the Server Address field, enter smb://, then press Connect
    • If prompted to connect to the resource, press enter
    • Open the folder for the department
    • Search for your course; the format is Department-Course-Section-Title (Instructor)