Landscape Architecture

Headshot of Todd Montgomery

Todd Montgomery


M.Arch and MLA, University of Pennsylvania (2009)

BS Environmental Studies, Yale University (2004)

After completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies focused on policies surrounding land-use and planning, Todd transitioned to a career focusing on landscape architecture and architecture, marrying his passion for both science and art. He is committed to finding common ground between scientists, educators, policy-makers, and designers to promote more effective resource management through innovative design and shared ideas.  Todd has been teaching in the Landscape Architecture Department at Penn for 10 years, leading studios, drawings classes, and motion-design elective courses.  He is also a Senior Associate and the Creative Director at Andropogon, an award-winning ecologically-grounded landscape architecture firm in Philadelphia. In his 11 years at Andropogon, he has led work on all project types, from design and planning of large scale nature preserves to small, high-performance urban landscapes.