Landscape Architecture

Posted September 15, 2014

My Summer Internship at Penn's Architectural Conservation Laboratory

Angelina Jones in Yassıhöyϋk, Turkey

This summer I had an internship with Penn's Architectural Conservation Laboratory. I was in Yassıhöyϋk, Turkey working on three landscape architecture/preservation projects.
1. Record of​ Citadel Landscape Evolution
I used aerial imagery to map the formation of the Gordion Citadel Mound over time, tracking the formation of trenches and spoil heaps as well as the use of rail tracks to move material through the site.
2. Escarpment Stabilization
I completed a condition assessment of the escarpments around the perimeter of the excavation area. This information was used to develop a catalog of ways to cut or fill the escarpments in order to stabilize them. These proposed interventions include options for soil retention, erosion control, and revegetation. Some of the proposed interventions were tested this season (summer 2014) in a pilot study.
3. Entry Road Design
I researched and illustrated ways of creating a new entry road to the Citadel Mound using locally sourced materials. The road will be constructed during the 2015 season. A new hotel is being built in the village to promote visitors to the ancient site at Gordion and this project is part of building new infrastructure support these visitors.
Angelina Jones is a dual degree graduate student studying historic preservation and landscape architecture at PennDesign. She is originally from Tucson, Arizona and still loves the Sonoran desert more than any other place in the world. Her research interests include cultural landscapes and the way people navigate their everyday spaces.