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Posted February 4, 2019
  • Bionic/PENN/WXY team’s proposal for the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge

Video: Building Resilience in Design Symposium

To celebrate the launch of its Urban Resilience Certificate, PennDesign brought together urban designers, architects, engineers, city planners, and sociologists to share strategies for adapting to rising sea levels, fiercer storms, and sinking shorelines. Watch videos of the presentations and panels from “Building Resilience in Design,” which was held at Meyerson Hall on January 22, 2019.

Video 1
Welcome by Fritz Steiner, FASLA, FAAR, RAAR, SITES AP (Dean and Paley Professor, PennDesign)
Introductory comments by Marilyn Jordan Taylor (PennDesign) and Matthijs Bouw (PennDesign)

Video 2
Collaborations on a World Scale
For philanthropic foundations, development banks, and other international organizations, resilience has become a key goal of many of their programs and projects. Can design become a tool for more integrated approaches and more community involvement? What can mainstreaming design for resilience bring on a global scale? 

Presentations by Nina Marie Lister (Ryerson University), Jurgen Bey (Studio Makkink Bey), Simon Richter (Penn School of Arts and Sciences) and Barry Beagen (Kota Kita), David Waggoner (Waggoner & Ball), Richard Weller (PennDesign)
Moderated by Matthijs Bouw (PennDesign)

Video 3
Collaborations in the City
Cities have become ground zero for building resilience, with often high ambitions, as well real struggles to implement. Can design be the oil and the glue in resilience projects and initiatives? Where do designers fail? What tools can it bring to the city and its communities?

Presentations by Magdalena Ayed (Harborkeepers Boston), Jeff Hebert (The Water Institute of the Gulf), Alyssa Conn Konon (NYC Parks), Howard Neukrug (The Water Center at Penn), and Marilyn Jordan Taylor (PennDesign).
Moderated by Candace Damon (PennDesign, HR&A Advisors)

Video 4
Collaborations in Academia
Cross-disciplinary and multi-scalar approaches are critical to building resilience. What are the collaborations the design school should develop in order to prepare for the 21st  century challenges? Can ‘research by design’ complement other forms of research?

Presentations by Sam Carter (100 Resilient Cities), Jesse Keenan (Harvard GSD), Carolyn Kousky (Wharton School) and Billy Fleming (McHarg Center), Eric Klinenberg (NYU IPK), Allison Lassiter (PennDesign)
Moderated by Ellen Neises (PennPraxis)

Video 1: Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Video 2: Collaborations on a World Scale
Video 3: Collaborations in the City
Video 4: Collaborations in Academia