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Posted September 4, 2020
  • Work from Designing a Green New Deal

Weitzman Students and Faculty Receive Prestigious Landscape Architecture Awards

Today, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the 2020 Professional and Student Award winners, which included three projects by Weitzman students and three projects by Weitzman faculty. The ASLA Awards are internationally considered to be among the most prestigious in the field.

Chosen from 560 submissions, this year's 35 Student Award winners, included work made in three Weitzman School studios. ASLA noted that these projects “represent a bright and more inclusive future of the landscape architecture profession.” Work from the studio Designing a New Green Deal received an Award of Excellence, while two studios that focused on Guatemala and the Lehigh Valley received Honor Awards.

Chosen from 567 submissions, this year's 31 Professional Award winners included projects from three firms headed up by Weitzman faculty. These included Honor Awards for work done in the Galápagos and the Great Lakes, as well as an Award of Excellence for OLIN’s design of Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park.

Student Awards

Award of Excellence (Student Collaboration Category)
Designing a Green New Deal
Leila Bahrami; Chelsea Beroza; Allison Carr; Yvette Chen; Zachery Hammaker, ASLA; Sara Harmon; Tiffany Hudson; Katie Lample; John Michael LaSalle; Rob Levinthal; Katherine Pitstick, ASLA; Joshua Reaves; Will Smith; Jesse Weiss; Rosa Zedek, Student ASLA
Faculty Advisor: Billy Fleming, Wilks Family Director, The Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology

Honor Award (Urban Design Category)
Eco-Agro-Urbanism: Envisioning a Productive Urban Future for Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Xu Han; Zihan Zhu, Student ASLA; Xiaofan Wu, Student ASLA
Faculty Advisor: David Gouverneur, associate professor of practice of landscape architecture

Honor Award (Student Collaboration Category)
Lehigh Valley Catalyst: Reconnecting Communities to the Lehigh River’s History and Ecology
Melita Schmeckpeper; Shengyuan Zheng, Student ASLA; Shuyang Wang; Xiaofan Wu, Student ASLA; Margarida Gomes Mota; Lucy Whitacre; Josh Ketchum; Elisavet Kiretsi; Cari Krol, Student ASLA; A. L. McCullough, Student ASLA; Farre Nixon; Linghui Liao
Faculty Advisor: Ellen Neises, adjunct associate professor of landscape architecture and executive director of PennPraxis

Professional Awards

Award of Excellence (Urban Design Category)
Dilworth Park
Laurie D. Olin, practice professor emeritus of landscape architecture, and Lucinda R. Sanders,
adjunct professor of landscape architecture

Honor Award (Analysis and Planning Category)
Fantasy Island: The Galapágos Archipelago
PEG office of landscape + architecture
Karen M’Closkey, associate professor of landscape architecture, and Keith VanDerSys, senior lecturer in landscape architecture

Honor Award (Analysis and Planning Category)
Sensitive Structures: A Landscape Approach for Great Lakes Coasts
Healthy Port Futures
Sean Burkholder, The Andrew Gordon Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture