Undergraduate Minor


The Department of Landscape Architecture offers an inter-school minor with the College of Arts of Sciences. The Minor in Landscape Studies (LANS) is open to undergraduate students enrolled in any of the majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Mission of the Minor in Landscape Studies

The Minor in Landscape Studies provides students with an opportunity to learn about the design, shaping, and transformation of landscapes throughout human history. Students in the Minor learn and explore how political, social, artistic, and environmental values are represented in and through landscape as an expression of human culture and the cultural imagination. Furthermore, students learn how landscapes can both reflect and change our ideas about relationships between the natural world and society.

Course Offerings

The Minor in Landscape Studies consists of a selection of courses offered by several departments in the University, including Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Earth and Environmental Science. These courses provide opportunities to make connections between landscape studies and other areas of study; however, depending on a student’s interest and in consultation with the Minor Advisor, a student may be allowed to substitute courses offered in other departments, for example in English, History of Art, and Germanic Languages and Literature.

Academic Advising

Coordinator and Advisor 

Catherine Seavitt
Department Chair and Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture
119 Meyerson Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6311

Rashida Ng
Undergraduate Chair
Department of Architecture
202 Addams Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6311

Program of Study

Course requirement: 6 course units
Students would need to begin their minor in their sophomore or junior year.