Sierra Bainbridge, MASS Design Group Work and Ideas

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 6:00pm
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The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

Fisher Fine Arts Library, 4th Floor

220 South 34th Street, Philadelphia

MASS Group is an international leader in the practice of social impact architecture and landscape architecture for community development and health. MASS has earned the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award (2017) and many other accolades, and created a diverse and pioneering body of work for contexts and peoples that don’t usually get the benefit of design. Throughout the construction process, MASS collaborates with the communities its buildings and landscapes will serve, approaching every project as a chance to invest in their future. 

The built work and processes of MASS explore many questions:

How can we scale health?

How can a memorial heal our past?

Can a hospital inspire trust in a public health system?

Can one hospital design improve all others in Rwanda?

Where does low-fab meet high-tech?

What is the cost of not having architecture?

MASS is advancing a movement that demands more from design, and we are excited to hear about the work and ideas of principal Sierra Bainbridge, a dual degree graduate of PennDesign’s landscape and architecture programs.  Currently Sierra directs the ongoing design and implementation of MASS’s planning and architectural projects and is currently overseeing The Kayanja Center, an academic facility supporting rural health care delivery and research in Uganda, a number of African Conservation Schools in DRC, Tanzania, Zambia, and Rwanda, and the Butaro Hospital Expansion Plan, among others. Those completed include Butaro Hospital, the Umubano Primary School, the Butaro Doctors’ Housing, and the Butaro Ambulatory Cancer Center.