MaryFrances McCourt

Board Member

MaryFrances McCourt is Vice President for Finance and Treasurer at the University of Pennsylvania. In her role, McCourt leads Penn’s cash and short-term investment and capital financing strategies as well as oversee Penn’s financial functions. McCourt is responsible for the University’s multi-year financial planning efforts as well as collaborate closely with Penn Medicine leadership on its growth and financial planning. She will directly manage the strategic and operational direction of a variety of functions, including the Comptrollers Office, financial training, global support services, research services, risk management and insurance, student registration and financial services and the Treasurer's Office.

Prior to joining Penn, McCourt was the senior vice president and chief financial officer at Indiana University. McCourt has also served in financial-management positions for Agilysis, Inc., a diversified enterprise focused on technology and enterprise system solutions.

She earned her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Duke University and an MBA from Case Western University.