Marianna Williams

Fine Arts


I attended Brown University and received my BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design before completing my MFA with a concentration in Time Based and Interactive Media at PennDesign. Currently I am an Assistant Professor of New Media at Augusta University. My personal work usually lives in galleries or as Net art. I also collaborate with landscape architects and filmmakers to build technologies which make systems in the environment more visible. In my studio practice I work with media installation because building sensory devices which augment space helps me extend my own understanding of my body and identity. In my life I have explored environments ranging from the American desert to the Arctic Circle, often by foot, boat or bicycle, to collect imagery which pushes against themes of loss, navigation and limits and which present questions of sustainability. In the process of collecting this visual data I sometimes wonder about my own past life and conditioning as a female presenting person in professional athletics and hope that my personal questions might give light to issues that we face culturally.