Headshot of Design Fellow, Tamani Simmons.

Tamani A. Simmons

City Planning

Tamani Simmons is pursuing a master’s degree in city planning with a concentration in community and economic development. Before Penn, Tamani graduated with a Bachelor of Science in urban planning from the illustrious Alabama A&M University, an HBCU that she attributes to developing her passion for advancing equity in communities through engagement, development, and social responsibility for historically excluded bodies. During her undergraduate career, she interned with Toyota’s Green Mobility Challenge, an effort that engaged with various community stakeholders to craft solutions to mobility issues facing the local community. In addition, she interned at Edmonton Heights, a local community development center, in coordination with the Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Program that builds on civic engagement by immersing students in deliberative and asset-based approaches in community-based projects. Following graduation, Tamani became a researcher at Jobs to Move America, a strategic policy center working to transform corporate behavior and advance racial and economic justice for communities. In her spare time, Tamani is a full-time daredevil, breakfast aficionado, sports enthusiast, and professional giggler.