• Rogers Locomotive Frame Fitting Shop and Administrative Building, 1971

  • Rogers Locomotive Frame Fitting Shop and Administrative Building, 2017

  • Archival research of Paterson, NJ

Great Falls National Historic Landmark District

Survey + National Historic Landmark Nomination

Great Falls NHL Historic District Resource Inventory + Integrity Evaluation Report

The project surveyed the 108-acre Great Falls of the Passaic/Society of Useful Manufactures National Historic Landmark District for the National Park Service for the first time since the district was updated in 1986. Led by Molly Lester as the project manager, the team developed a comprehensive GIS-based inventory of contributing and non-contributing resources in the district, which is significant for its role in early American industrial history and engineering. The project also used archival research and fieldwork to identify additional eligible properties and potential areas of expansion for the district’s historic context statements, areas of significance, periods of significance, and district boundaries. A second phase of the project is now underway, and will update the district’s NHL nomination based on the recommendations of the first phase and in consultation with local, state, and federal officials.


Molly Lester, Associate Director - Urban Heritage Project