April 5, 2024

Excerpt: Richard Weller’s ‘Art of Instrumentality’

"Potsdamer Platz Park" (Berlin, 1991). View inside "Potsdamer Platz Park" showing pavilions representing the cities of Europe, moving billboards for art, former military hardware, relics of no-man's land, excavated WWII bunkers, fire pits, a pattern of shadows over the ground plane, and impromptu events.
Garden of Australian Dreams at the National Museum of Australia. Image courtesy of National Museum of Australia.
Unbuilt design for the Memorial to Victims of the Tsunami (Thailand, 2005). View of the unbuilt design from Khao Lak headland to the memorial's floating grid of solar-powered lights.
"The Course of Empire" (New York City, 2022). "The Course of Empire" features a copy of the iconic boulder that anchors each of the five paintings in Thomas Cole's 'The Course of Empire' series.