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Posted August 15, 2017

Remote Access

The University of Pennsylvania and the Weitzman School offer two different VPN (virtual private network) clients to access both University and Weitzman School network resources, remotely, from your personal computer. Here's a rundown on both the University VPN and the Weitzman VPN:

  • University of Pennsylvania VPN  
    • Reasons to use: Traveling, off campus and need to make a secure connection to UPenn remotely.  
    • Centralized VPN service providing users with secure remote access to PennNet. Provides access to the campus network experience as though you are on campus connected via either AirPennNet or hardwired.  NOTE: Please use only when needed! 
    • Access for the Penn VPN service installer can be found here.
    • Directions for installation and setup found here.
  • Weitzman School of Design VPN (FortiClient)
    • Reasons to useNeed access to Juno Course folders, Jove resources for fac/staff (Dept share, Home Directory, Project Folders 
    • Access to Juno and Jove File servers when on AirPennnet or outside of Penn’s network. 
    • Access for the Weitzman VPN installer are found below, on this page.
    • Directions for use found here: (Windows Info, Mac OS Info)

Weitzman School Remote Access

Eligibility: Remote Access and VPN access for Weitzman users via FortiClient. All Weitzman users can use the Fortinet client setup listed below.  

Note: this is necessary for access to Juno and Jove File Servers when on AirPennNet or if you are outside of Penn’s network only.  If connected via hardwire in Weitzman locations you can already gain access to the file servers by going directly to (student file server) or (fac/staff file server)  

Remote Access instructions via FortiClient 

Looking for access to Juno and Jove file servers (Course Folders, Home Directory, Dept share, etc.) off campus with FortiClient VPN access? 

1) Requires install of FortiClient: 

Remote Gateway URL: 


2) Users require Weitzman account credentials for access 

  • NOTE: You only log in with your Weitzman username and password. The "design\" is only required for logging in with your file browser. 

Windows users 

Access Juno (student file server) by navigating to \\ in your Windows File Explorer (Shortcut: Windows Key + E). The same applies when going to the faculty/staff file server (\\ When prompted, log in using the following information: 

  • Username:  design\YourWeitzmanSchoolUsername or 
  • Password:  YourWeitzmanSchoolPassword 

You can view detailed instructions on how to set up FortiClient for Windows here. 

Mac users 

You can access Juno/Jove by opening the Finder, navigating to the Go menu, and selecting Connect To Server (Shortcut: Command + K).  You will then navigate to smb:// (or smb:// When prompted, log in using the following information: 

  • Username: YourWeitzmanSchoolUsername 
  • Password:  YourWeitzmanSchoolPassword 

You can view detailed instructions on how to set up FortiClient for Mac  here. 

For any questions, please contact