Weitzman Student Council

Each year, Student Council is responsible for managing a sizeable budget consisting of funds that are allocated to social programming, school wide celebrations, and the activities carried out by various student groups. 

In recent years, the Student Council budget has been distributed as follows:

Share of Budget Dedicated Use

35% Weekly Friday Night Weitzman School Happy Hour

25% Student Group Funding

40% Schoolwide celebrations + events

Friday Night Happy Hour

Weitzman School’s tradition of Friday Night Happy Hour draws hundreds of students each week and serves as the cornerstone of the weekly calendar. In the warmer months, Student Council hosts Happy Hour outside on the Meyerson Hall patio. The Lower Gallery provides a warmer environment during the winter. Funding for Happy Hour goes towards refreshments (beer, cider, soda, and water) and snacks.

Student Groups

Weitzman School students are involved in a variety of activities outside of the classroom, including student groups that include extensions of academic interests, affinity groups, shared interest groups, and social groups. Student Groups receiving funding from a variety of university sources, including from the Weitzman School Student Council operating budget. In the fall, we solicit requests for funding through an application process. We evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Mission: Group purpose and alignment with Weitzman School values

  2. Budget: Proposed utilization of funds for the academic year

  3. Track Record: History of delivering valuable, inclusive programming in past years

  4. Leverage: Ability to solicit additional funding through GAPSA

Weitzman School’s Student Groups that benefit from Student Council funding include: Babble Mag, Design in Latin America, Design Social Justice Club, Incubation Series, Land Use and Environmental Planning Club, Penn Design Looks, Penn Preservation Student Association, Penn Transportation Club, Penn Urban Design Student Organization (PUDSO), Weitzman School Real Estate Club (PDREC), Weitzman School Women in Architecture, Queer Design, Rebuilding Together Philadelphia, Screening and Potluck Club, Student Planning Association, Supporting Aging and Mature Students, Urban China Collective (UCC), and Women in Planning

Please stay tuned for a meeting from your Student Council Presidents announcing funding application!

Schoolwide Events

A third bucket of Student Council’s budget is directed towards school wide events. These events range in scale from snacks and coffee around midreviews and to the annual Beaux Arts Ball.