Weitzman Student Council

Student Council leadership includes two co-presidents, four vice presidents (finance, student life, social, communications), event leads, and GAPSA representatives, in addition to representatives from each of the Weitzman School disciplines (city planning, architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, fine arts, environmental building design, and urban spatial analytics). Members of the Student Council are elected by the Weitzman School student body in the spring of the previous academic year, with the option for elections to continue in the early fall to include newly-admitted students.

Student Council Members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

Co-President: Azarai Hernandez
Co-President: Micah Epstein
Vice President of Finance: Jesse Allen
Vice President of Communications: TBD
Vice President of Student Life (Wellness): Danny Jarabek
Vice President of Student Life (Social): Kristel Salloum
Beaux Arts Ball Chair: Carrick Reider
CPLN Representative: Gabe Orduna
LARP Representative: Andrew Reichenbach
ARCH Representative: Lucy Zhong

All other representative positions will be up for election in Fall ’22.