Every semester, we hold webchats for our prospective students. This is a great opportunity to get answers to many common questions and to interact with current students and Admissions staff. You must preregister for each chat prior to the starting time. 

Who's on the chat?

Our Admissions staff:  Lauren Hoover (username: lauren), Stephanie Whaley (username: Stephanie) and Joan Weston (username: Joan

Our students are identified by their program and graduating year, for example, MLA20_Janet.

How do I join?

A URL to enter the chat will be posted on this page when the chat begins.

Your username should be the program(s) you are pursuing and your first name, for example, MAR_Judy or MLA_John.

  • The access password is a password that you create. After you register you will be sent an email to complete your registration.
  • Type each question as a separate chat line instead of submitting multiple questions in one chat so that we have time to answer each question.
  • To exit the webchat, close your browser.
  • We don't always answer all your questions, so if we skip your question and the chat is over, please feel free to follow up with us via email to admissions@design.upenn.edu. OR you can visit Our Students page and contact one of our students directly. 

Transcripts from Previous Chats

The transcript from the most recent webchat will be posted within a few days after the chat at the bottom of this webpage. All transcripts are general Q&A with admissions staff and current students unless labeled otherwise.