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Job security, as a 24 year old practicing professionally in New York, turned very quickly from stable to unstable in March of 2020. I had to make a snap-decision to go back to grad school before I was sure about supporting the decision financially. Because of scholarship assistance sponsored through Weitzman, I’ve been able to settle in and get to work in Philadelphia.

Caroline Petersen (MArch'23)

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Gillian Xuezhu Zhao
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I am very grateful for the scholarship and would like to thank the donors for their generosity in supporting my higher education. Weitzman is my dream school to study city planning, and their help certainly lightened my burden so that I could focus more on learning and worry less about living expenses. Their generosity motivates me to make an impact in the community, especially during this difficult time. I have started contributing my knowledge in city planning to personal blogs and media platforms.

"Gillian" Xuezhu Zhao (MCP'22)

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Charles Tyler Bradford
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As a young professional five years into my career, stepping away from my employment to pursue my graduate studies was a difficult decision, but one that I knew was the right one for my long term career development and pursuit of my intellectual passions. The aid I received as part of my admission to Penn was a critical component in my decision-making process. My studies as Penn have allowed me to pursue my planning interests more broadly and deeply, while developing crucial technical skills that I will apply towards work in civic data analytics upon graduation.

Charles Tyler Bradford (MCP'21)  

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Camille Boggan
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The aid I received this year has allowed me to continue working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Megan Ryerson. I hope to eventually pursue a PhD and containing my research work in her lab is the perfect opportunity for me to begin publishing scholarly work. I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have been able to pursue by attending Penn, and none of them would have been possible without the generous aid I have received.

Camille Boggan (MCP'21)

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