Weitzman School Syllabi Standards

  • Course Title/Number:
  • Course Meeting Pattern and Location:
  • Instructor(s): Name(s) and Contact Information:
  • Course Objectives:
  • Bibliography:
  • Assignments / Exams:
    • If studio course, syllabus needs to include date(s) for mid and final reviews
  • Assessment  Method / Grading Criteria:
  • Academic Integrity Statement:

All Weitzman School instructors are required to create and distribute a syllabus for their course(s).  Each of the items listed above must be included in the syllabus.  Faculty may include additional items, as well based on their preferences.  A full list of Policies you Might Want In your Syllabus is available online through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to include a statement regarding academic integrity.  At a minimum a link to the code must be include on all Weitzman School syllabi.  Sample statements are available online at: https://cetli.upenn.edu/resources/syllabus/academic-integrity-syllabus/

Faculty teaching studio courses are strongly encouraged to include the following statement regarding student work:

“Work produced in courses at the School of Design is the property of the student. By participating in a course, each student grants the School of Design a non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license to use, copy, distribute, display and perform such work in any and all media for educational, programmatic and/or promotional purposes. The School of Design will exercise care with respect to student-created materials submitted in conjunction with a course; however, the School of Design does not assume liability for their loss or damage.”