Women in Planning

  • Jane Jacobs

    Jacobs, who served as chair of the committee to save the West Village, holds up documentary evidence at a press conference at Lions Head Restaurant at Hudson and Charles Streets. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


WIP is committed to lifting women’s voices and making visible a diversity of perspectives that can lead to a more inclusive and transformative planning practice. Part of a global movement empowering women to assert their right to the city, WIP positions itself as allies to female practitioners and community leaders working across all facets of urban planning catalyze meaningful social change. In the words of Ada Colau, the first female Mayor of Barcelona “we have an opportunity for those individuals who have traditionally been let down as ‘second class’ citizens to become the main characters.”


Claire Jaffe, cjaffe@design.upenn.edu
Selina Cheah, scheah@design.upenn.edu
Katie Lample, klample@design.upenn.edu
Jane Christen, janechri@design.upenn.edu

Future Events

  • Hosting Role Model + WIP Coffee Chats with influential women in planning (e.g., Penn Professors, Visiting Scholars, Local and Visiting Practitioners)
  • Field trips to equity in planning spaces 
  • Community volunteer events geared focused on women-oriented organizations in the greater Philadelphia locale
  • Events recognizing International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019)
  • Professional development events
  • Site visits to planning firms, especially those that are minority owned
  • Discussions on topics related to gender inequality in the public realm

We also just want to create a friendly space and, we are open to more ideas!