Work Programs

All students in the Weitzman School of Design are required to be full-time participants in order to receive their awarded financial aid. Although students may be employed either on or off campus, it is not advised that they work more than fifteen to twenty hours per week. Foreign national students entering under F-1 visas are permitted to work on campus but are prohibited by law from having employment off campus.

Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study awards of up to $3,500 are granted by Student Financial Services. The arrangement permits students to earn money in part-time jobs while attending school. This is a federal program based on financial need and is available only to US citizens and permanent residents. Listings of work-study positions are available in August from the Office of Student Employment.

Student Employment (non-work-study)

A listing of positions offered to students who are not eligible for Federal work-study awards, including foreign nationals, can be found through Student Employment's website.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are generally given to students in the final year of their programs. These students usually have shown specific skills in the areas for which TAs are used in their departments. Both first- and second-year Master of City Planning and Master of Fine Arts students are considered for TAs. Students interested in being considered for a Teaching Assistantship should contact the Chair of their department.

Resident Assistants

The Residential Life Staff actively recruits single and married graduate students who can make positive contributions to student life, both graduate and undergraduate. It seeks men and women who are at ease with a variety of life styles and who, as members of the resident community, will be interested and involved in the changing student environment and experience. Remuneration typically includes a furnished room. Graduate student application review/interviews will occur between April 1st – April 17th, 2022. Visit for information.

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