Land Preservation Certificate

Note: we are not currently accepting applications for this certificate

This certificate is aimed at two types of students: working practitioners needing basic training in land preservation or updating about current practices and graduate students in Penn’s schools interested in adding knowledge about land preservation practices to their professional qualifications.  The latter include students in the Weitzman School of Design, Arts and Sciences (especially Environmental Studies), Fels, Law, and Wharton.

The certificate requires completion of five course units which consist of three foundation courses, one methods course, and one tools course. Weitzman School of Design students may complete this certificate within the time-span of their chosen degrees in the same manner as other school-wide certificates. In addition to the five required courses, students may take elective classes as determined by the Department of City and Regional Planning. Students apply to the program through the Weitzman Office of Admission. Students enrolled in graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania are eligible for admission. Applicants should submit a one-page essay explaining their interest in land preservation and should include any relevant work experience and/or college courses.

Program Director: Tom Daniels


Completion of five course units as follows:

1. Foundation Courses

CPLN 6310 - Land Preservation and Planning

CPLN 5090 - Law of Planning and Urban Development

2. Methods Courses

CPLN 5030- Modeling Geographic Objects or LARP 7410 - Modeling Geographic Space

CPLN 9990 - Independent Study in Conservation Finance

3. Choice of:

ENVS 5070 - Wetlands

ENVS 6100 - Regional Field Ecology

ENVS 6230 - Climate Change and Security