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Time-Based and Interactive Media Certificate

The Time Based and Interactive Media Certificate Program is suited for graduate students and professionals who wish to develop skills with the moving image, digital technology and interactivity. The curriculum will enable applicants to engage in new technologies and skills that could be incorporated into their practice, or extend their knowledge to improve their career opportunities.

The program track requires 5 CU’s (course units) of electives to be completed within six semesters to earn the certificate. All applicants must have a baccalaureate degree to be considered for admission. Applications for spring admission are due on November 1 and for fall admission on January 11. An application and interview are required. Applicants who are not enrolled in Weitzman School graduate programs must submit portfolios containing slides, digital images, printed images, books, video, or interactive projects. Digital and video portfolios should follow the guidelines for the MFA portfolios. Video should be limited to excerpts which total less than 10 minutes. All interactive and time-based projects should include synopses or guides for interaction. Web sites and interactive projects must include a list of technical requirements. Portfolios will be returned only if a properly stamped and return-addressed envelope is included. While taking all reasonable care, the school cannot be held responsible for any damage to the work or portfolio.

Prospective applicants wishing to contact the Department of Fine Arts directly, may contact:

Joshua Mosley, Professor of Fine Arts