Urban Redevelopment Certificate

The Urban Redevelopment Certificate is for Weitzman School graduate students who want to expand their knowledge of, and expertise in the physical, economic, and neighborhood redevelopment of central cities and older suburban communities.

Program Director: Eugenie L. Birch


Certificate students must complete five CU's from the following list of courses; with at least one CU from Fels (GAFL) and one CU from Wharton (Real). City Planning students in the PPD or CED concentrations may apply no more than one course from their concentration area to the certificate.

  • CPLN 5400: Introduction to Property Development 
  • CPLN 6420 Downtown Development (PPD course)
  • CPLN 6440: Housing Policy (CED course)
  • CPLN 5200: Introduction to Community and Economic Development (CED course)
  • GAFL 5690 (URBS4510) The Politics of Housing and Urban Development
  • GAFL 7290 Financial Management of Nonprofit Institutions or GAFL 7490 Leading Nonprofit Organizations
  • GAFL 7240 Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Why, How and When?
  • HSPV 5720 Preservation through Public Policy or HSPV 6250 Preservation Economics
  • Real 7300: Urban Fiscal Policy or REAL 7720 Urban Public Policy and Private Development