Architectural Archives

Posted April 12, 2019
  • Henry Wilcots and Bernard/Columbia Class in Architectural Archives

  • Henry Wilcots and Bernard/Columbia Class in Architectural Archives

  • Louis Kahn and Henry Wilcots, Walnut Street Office, Philadelphia, 1970

  • Parliament Building (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Under Construction

Henry Wilcots, Louis Kahn's project manager on Bangladesh capitol project, meets with students in the Architectural Archives

Professor Anooradha Siddiqi brought her Bernard/Columbia achitectural history class, Modern Architecture in the World to the Architectural Archives on April 12th.  The class viewed original drawings and models from the Kahn collection, and heard from Henry Wilcots about the construction of the capital complex for Bangladesh.   Louis Kahn started work on the capital complex in Bangladesh in 1963, but it was completed after his death in 1982. The best known building in the complex, the National Assembly building, stands as one of Kahn’s most prominent works, as well as a symbolic monument to the government of Bangladesh.  Architect Henry Wilcots, started working for Kahn in the 1960's and completed Kahn's vision for the capital building as part of David Wisdom and Associates.  Read more about Henry Wilcots in The Inquirer.