Graduate Architecture

Ali AlYousefi

PhD Candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture

College of Architecture, Kuwait University (B.Arch, 2014)
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan (M.Arch, 2018)

I sat to write my bio when
I realized what I missed again
That writing in the ‘normal’ way
Would not include a true display
Of that on which I wish to muse
And that to show my latent views
I had to right the way I write
On architecture: unforthright

Don’t all buildings flaunt their shapes
And no two parks are clone landscapes?
So why should we be, when we voice
Thoughts on these matters, lacking voice?
Do we think that who is best, is
Idiosyncratically repressed?
Repeating what was prior said
Under that copied letterhead

What I suggest? We break the norm
In genre, format, and in form:
Novels, poems, plays, and songs
Readings, dances, and sing-alongs
Scrapbooks, films, and fairy tales
Memoirs, comics, and strange details
To try new mediums and critiques
And leave behind that archi-speak

Imagine theory writ in rhyme
A metered look at space and time
Imagine choreographing code
A setback samba from the road
You might be thinking, what’s the point?
Are there not things of more import?
No, and know, this ain’t distraction
Different speech is different action!