Graduate Architecture

Eduardo Rega Calvo


Eduardo Rega Calvo is an architect, urban designer and researcher based in New York. He is a graduate architecture faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, where he teaches history/theory seminars, design studios and runs a summer program in Colombia. He has previously taught at Columbia University, RISD, Parsons and Pratt. His most recent project, Architectures of Refusal aims to compile an atlas of social mobilization against capitalism, colonialism and human rights violations by uncovering their spatial manifestations, urbanisms and architectures. The Agency of Autonomy: Tools for an Architecture of Translation is the title of his PhD dissertation at ETSA Madrid, currently in progress. He holds a professional degree in architecture and urbanism from the University of Las Palmas and a masters of science degree in advanced architectural design from Columbia University. His research and design work focus on architecture's capacity to translate, operate in and contribute to insurgent social and political movements.