Graduate Architecture

Elisheva Levy

PhD Candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture

Elisheva is an artist, exhibiting internationally. After receiving her MFA from Yale University School of Art (Sculpture department), Elisheva studied civil engineering. She has extensive experience as a teacher, teaching fine art and Architecture design studio for almost a decade at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. At UPenn Weitzman School of design’s architecture department, Elisheva has begun her PhD research “Beyond Monogamous architecture; Rebellious homes for communism.” This is the study of homes which present a radical break from the single-family household so prominent under the reign of capitalism. Investigating a variety of historical and contemporary sources, spanning from the indigenous to utopian, Elisheva's research aims to elucidate her notion of “monogamous architecture,” and offer analysis from which to imagine its alternatives. Elisheva’s current research on the Soviet communal apartment will be published in “Dialectic VIII: Subverting – Unmaking Architecture?”, while her reading of it’s potential within the contemporary affordability crises will be presented in “Architecture & Collective Life” AHRA, 2020. Elisheva is mother to Margot, Eliav, and Shoshana, living with her husband and kids in a single-family-household while always seeking for less lonesome, more sustainable, more joyful ways of living.