Graduate Architecture

Hina Jamelle

Senior Lecturer
Director of Urban Housing

Hina Jamelle teaches final year Graduate Option Studios and directs the Graduate Program’s Urban Housing Studios at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design. She has held the Visiting Schaffer Practice Professorship at the University of Michigan.

Jamelle has co-edited two issues of Architectural Design AD titled IMPACT [2020] and Elegance [2007]. Her forthcoming book UNDER PRESSURE on Urban Housing will be published in 2021. She has lectured widely in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Jamelle is co-director of the New York and Shanghai based firm Contemporary Architecture Practice. Founded in 1999, the firm has been known for its futuristic designs using digital techniques and the latest technologies for the design and manufacturing of architecture. Funded research projects include Dupont, ARUP, Z-Corporation, ABT Manufacturing, and the Wharton Business School. Commissioned projects include Lutron Electronics, the Museum of Modern Art [MoMA] in New York, Reebok, Wenjin Hotels, NJCTTQ Pharmaceuticals, Tencent, AMEC Technologies, [China], the Viceroy Hotel [Abu Dhabi], Samsung [South Korea], and IWI Orthodontics [Japan]. Contemporary Architecture Practice’s projects have been exhibited extensively at the Museum of Modern Art [MoMA]; the London, Beijing, and Shanghai Biennales; and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, among others. They also have been featured in more than 250 major publications around the world. The firm has been awarded the Architecture Record Product of the Month for the fixture titled "Opale" for Ivalo as well as the Outstanding Award for FEIDAD  [Far Eastern Digital Architecture Design]. Jamelle has won the Architectural Design Vanguard Award and was featured in Phaidon’s 10x10x2 as one of the world's top 100 emerging architects. The firm’s project, IWI Orthodontics in Tokyo, Japan, was featured in Record Interiors and  Phaidon’s ROOM 100 as one of the most creative interior design projects of the year. In 2015 she was recognized as 50 Under 50 Innovators of the 21st Century by a distinguished jury.