Graduate Architecture

Mohamad Al Khayer

Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture


  • B.Arch, Tishreen University
  • M.Arch, Pratt Institute

Mohamad Al Khayer has taught design studios and courses in emerging technologies at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000. Past topics have included movement of material, false work and equipment through space in time, and computer structural analysis. His research includes deployable structures, optimum tensile structures, and morphogenesis. He also practices with NY-based RBS+D Architects, a firm with a focus on healthcare facilities in the US and the Middle East.

Al Khayer has lectured at several universities and international conferences, including the IUTAM, Structural Morphology, Cambridge, U.K., and International Association of Shells and Space Structures, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. His work has been exhibited in Venice, New York, Cambridge (England), Delft, Beirut and Damascus and featured in several international publications.